About us

Established in the year 1991 Modera Electronics is one of the largest IT Infrastructure Companies, successfully delivering its brand value of ‘Building Legacy. Serving Quality.’ Our goal is to facilitate customers with technological advancements and innovative solutions through best-in-class Electronic Products and Services. We deal with more than 600 clients. Our skilled team of proficient individuals strives to convey customers’ expectations by providing real and authentic services that enhance customers’ experience. We firmly believe that the prestigious image of the company sustains when customers accept it completely and experience optimum satisfaction with what they have accepted.
We strive to be the best-in-class suppliers of Quality Electronic Products and Services. Achieving excellence in innovative application of technological breakthrough is our ultimate objective.
Electronics are an indispensable part of the digital age. There is a constant need for state-of-the- art technology to harness its use effectively. We aim to provide superior quality and innovative range of products at the right prices to add value to client’s business and lead them to constant growth resulting in success.